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Highlights of year 2020

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“There is no wealth but men” said Jean BODIN, a French humanist (1530-1596). The history of Littoral Airlines is fed from this wealth and from the passion from pilots who wear its colors.

Year 2020

01-01-2020: Littoral Airlines wishes one happy New Year on 2020 to crews. Best wishes and excellent flights to all.

06-01-2020 : The PAX division launches two new events: CES Las Vegas and the Retail's Big Show in New-York

06-01-2020 : The Cargo Division is taking the drivers on board for the  2020 LilleHammer Luge World Championship.

13-01-2020 : The VIP division dedicates an event to the "Festival Premiers plans d'Angers" for its 32nd edition: a great film festival

13-01-2020 : L'Aéro-club de Littoral opens its weekly VFR fly'in to discover the beautiful French regions on the Côte d'o

31-01-2020 : Jérémie (LIT071) is appointed FR-TA3 in charge of the ATC School and FO manager in the IVAO France team.

01-02-2020 : The VIP division is organizing a series of events with the themes "Around the World, Norwegian Fjords, Bora bora..."

01-02-2020 : The Flying Club du Littoral to discover the great Canadian lakes, the Inca civilization, Brazil and the Indian Ocean.

05-02-2020 : Cargo division invites drivers to the Paris International Agricultural Show and the France-Wales rugby match

14-02-2020 : The Pax division celebrates Valentine's Day with an event including flights to romantic destinations in Europe.

19-02-2020 : The Cargo division mobilizes the drivers for the French team judo championship organized in Brest.

21-02-2020 : A special mission "Top secret" has been proposed to the sagacity of the pilots by the VIP division. Confidential Defense !

21-02-2020 : The VIP division takes delivery of the latest Airbus A350 WXB which integrates its fleet alongside the B747 and B777.

24-02-2020 : The Pax division inaugurates four new routes from Montpellier to Bastia, Luxembourg, Porto and Oran

29-02-2020 : The Cargo Division is involved in the construction of the Kétou - Savé road in Benin from its hub in Douala.

01-03-2020 : A preparatory meeting for the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris is held in Geneva. The VIP division is in the event

01-03-2020 : The Fly'in VFR Our beautiful regions by the aeroclub, invites pilots to visit the Puy de Dôme and the Cantal.

03-03-2020 : Saga Africa ! This is the name of the brand new tour proposed by the PAX division to discover the African continent.

06-03-2020 : In solidarity in the fight against Coronavirus, the VIP division organizes an air tour of Italy in 29 legs.

08-03-2020 : Dorine Bourneton is registered with Littoral Airlines and becomes the fourth honorary member of our company.

09-03-2020 : The classical music festival "Le Printemps des Arts de Monte-Carlo" is airborne orchestrated by the VIP division.

14-03-2020 : The Miami Music Week, a very inspiring marathon for the PAX division which mobilized the pilots around this event.

14-03-2020 : The Atlantic Shipyards: the Cargo division is on deck for the construction of the sealiner "Wonder of the seas"

23-03-2020 : The Fly'in VFR Our beautiful regions by the aeroclub, invites pilots to visit the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region.

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