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Welcome to Littoral Airlines !

Littoral Airlines is a Virtual Airlines that has been founded in June 2002 by a flight enthusiast who wished to group other enthusiasts like him on the network. Since the beginning of the adventure, Littoral Airlines has been settled on Lille Lesquin airport, and then moved in july 2014 to its historical head office on Montpellier-Méditerrannée airport, and its main activity was passengers transport.
Since then, Littoral Airlines has diversified its operations and can propose to its members four activities: aero-club, cargo, passenger, and VIP. Littoral Airlines serves around sixty cities in France and many other European main cities, as well as long haul flights to America, Africa, Asia and Oceania.
More than à hundred aircrafts are available for pilots. Moreover, a training center provides some useful lessons, and thanks to a tutoring system, some skilled members of the airlines allow newcomers to start a fruitful career within Littoral Airlines.
Littoral Airlines offers to pilots a privileged access to IVAO network flying, and a dedicated space to their passion. Beginners or experienced pilots, propeller or multi-jet pilots, you are all welcome !
Have nice flights under Littoral Airlines Colors,

The Littoral Airlines Team

Chairman words

LIT001 - Jean-Charles APPINWhatever the season is, we always can fly with Flight Simulator which became in 30 years a truly immersive system that allows to reproduce without risk situations even the most extreme. Network flying is an activity in full expansion, which gather more and more enthusiast years after years. In this context, Littoral Airlines offers to virtual crews many occasions to enjoy their passion. Our division administrators are planning regular fly-ins. It reminds that virtual sky is an open space for pilots’ imagination and demands. Thanks to this, take flight control and live your own adventure of “conquest of the sky”, taking advantage of the available dedicated software that make flight simulation a natural extension of real flying "as real as it gets".

"Aeronautics is neither a science, nor an industry; it’s a miracle" Igor Sikorski.

Fly safe and happy landings,

Jean-Charles APPIN, President & CEO of Littoral Airlines

Flights in progress...

Littoral Airlines TeamSpeak Viewer

Pilot in flight

Littoral key figures...

  • Crew: 110 pilots
  • Activity: 98023 flights
  • Flying Time: 175354 hours
  • Covered distance: 60887252 Nm

The network...

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