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Staff members

page staffJean-Charles APPIN Jean-Charles APPIN, ChairMan and CEO of Littoral Airlines (LIT-CM), manage and guides the general company policy, attends to its efficiency and represents Littoral Airlines in connexion with the International Virtual Aviation Organization, in addition to its aeronautical partners. He gathers the Executive Committee once a month in Skype audio-conference. He is responsible for the editorial line of the website, for communication and public relations. He is in charge of Littoral Airlines relationships withs its partnerships. He organizes events and animates the V.I.P division (LIT-VA) of the company situated on Cannes-Mandelieu airport (LFMD). 


Christophe MICHELUTTI Christophe MICHELUTTI, Human Resources Manager (LIT-HRM), is in charge of the staff management, the recruitment and the secretarial department of the Executive committee of the company. He assists the President and may replace him if necessary. He also has the same mission as all the members of the training team, to pass the flight qualification exams to candidates to the ranks of CPT.
Victor CORREIA Victor CORREIA, Data Processing Manager (LIT-DPM)is the IT consultant of the company. He is in charge of the administration of the website, the IT developpement projects and operating supports He is responsible for the IT security, the management, the maintenance and the protection of databases. Finally, he is responsible for the management of logbooks, schedules flight reports and the whole information system.
Jean-François GODEL Jean-François GODEL, Technical Adviser and Cargo Administrator (LIT-TCA), is the company specialist in flight simulation and exploitation aspects. He assists the President and may replace him if necessary. He is also responsible for the primary coaching system for newbie pilots. He is also responsible for the organization of events and animation of the Cargo division of the company on the Montpellier-Mediterranée airport (LFMT).
Yann DELPORTE Yann DELPORTE, Technical Manager (LIT-TM), is responsible for the fleet of the company, for its management, as well for the pole maintenance and revision of aircraft, and he attends to the state of repair of the fleet. It is in charge of the painting workshop, and advises the direction and the divisions administrators for the choice of the new aircrafts. He is also in charge of the avionic improvements and of the rétrofitage of certain aircrafts. He calls on to the test pilot for the finalization of the aircrafts before their entry into service.
Equipe Formation


Equipe Formation, Training Coordinator Team (LIT-TC), composed with several Staff members, is in charge of the training of Ab initio crews and advance training. Examines the pilots skills and tests qualifications during flights. He develops the instruction module on network tools, regulations, weather, phraseology, procedures, avionic equipments, theory and practice of VFR and IFR flights. The team completes the Training section by on-line VFR and IFR flights on request. The team can make recommendations to the pilots.

Jacques LAROUE Jacques LAROUE, Administrator of the Flying Club division (LIT-AA), is the staff member in charge of the organization of events and animation of the Flying club division of the company on Muret-L'Herm  airfield ( LFBR). He is the pilot referent for VFR and light aircraft.
Alain JUPIN Alain JUPIN, Administrator of the P.A.X. division (LIT-PA), is the staff member in charge of the organization of events and animation of the Pax division of the company situated on Paris-Orly airport (LFPO). He is the pilot referent for IFR and passengers transportation.


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Pilot in flight

Littoral key figures...

  • Crew: 111 pilots
  • Activity: 93822 flights
  • Flying Time: 168340 hours
  • Covered distance: 58452769 Nm






Humidity: 81%

Wind: 32.19 km/h

  • 19 Dec 2018

    Rain13°C 7°C

  • 20 Dec 2018

    Partly Cloudy13°C 6°C

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