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The training team proposes you three categories to improve your skills:

  • a category for beginners, where you will find any useful information for your first online flights.
  • a category dedicated to VFR training
  • a category dedicated to IFR training

Therefore, each pilot can plan his career with the support of online lessons, as well as available trainers.
Littoral Airlines offers to pilots a privileged access to network flying, and a dedicated space to their passion. Beginners or experienced pilots, propeller or multi-jet pilots, you are all welcome!

We hope to see you soon flying under our flag !

The training team.

The change to next rating is subjected to number of flown hours up to First Officer rating.
To get the Captain rating, you will need an evaluation either from the Training Manager or from a Training Captain.
To get higher ratings than Captain, candidate must, depending on the targeted rating, fulfill qualifications tests, a test flight or an aptitude flight.

Littoral Airlines offers to pilots who ask for it, to have a tutor. The tutor will guide his student on both theoretical and practical aspects, in order to help him to use the IVAO network efficiently or also in order to consolidate the knowledge he already has.


Pilot in flight

Littoral key figures...

  • Crew: 92 pilots
  • Activity: 105316 flights
  • Flying Time: 188866 hours
  • Covered distance: 65765344 Nm

The network...

Go on the international website of the I.V.A.O. network...