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It is one of the first virtual companies being certified by the International Virtual Aviation Organization (IVAO) dedicated to flights on the Internet. History will record that Littoral Airlines has made the great titles of business and international aviation press for several months.

In 2002 Jean-Charles Appin, founding President of the future VA Littoral Airlines, contacts the real “Air Littoral” company based at Montpellier airport, for permission to use its logo and the nice liveries of its aircrafts for flight simulation activities on the network, and deliberately chooses the name of "Littoral Airlines" for the virtual company, to avoid any confusion with the real “Air Littoral” company. This permission is granted, and Littoral Airlines takes off on the IVAO network.

crj100The delivery of a new aircraft is always a highlight in a VA history. Typically, an aircraft is chosen for its performances, according to expectations from crew members, and passengers.

After the delivery of the first aircraft featuring Littoral Airlines colors in July 2002, the elegant Canadair Regional Jet CRJ100-ER, a second one was delivered in September 2002 with house colors, the Beech BE58. On October 9th 2002, the Boeing 737-400 takes off in its Littoral Airlines livery. And the most expected of all, the ATR42-500 leaves the painting workshop on November 4th 2002 to start a long career within the company. On January 3rd 2003, the fifth aircraft, CRJ200-ER finally arrives at Terminal Bravo in Lille: pilots of the company love him!

Then, the delivery flow goes on with the arrival of highly expected Airbus 320-200, who leaves the painting workshop on February 1st 2003. Rating classes for the pilots are mandatory. The electric flight controls era leads to a modernization of the fleet.

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“There is no wealth but men” said Jean BODIN, a French humanist (1530-1596). The history of Littoral Airlines is fed from this wealth and from the passion from pilots who wear its colors.

Year 2021

01-01-2021: Littoral Airlines wishes one happy New Year on 2021 to crews. Best wishes and excellent flights to all.

01-01-2021 : The Littoral flying club launches 5 large VFR tours over the year (Bahamas, Hawaii, Polynesia, Tunisia, and South Africa)

04-01-2021 : Delivery of the C172 and DR400 for the aero club and the CJ4 for the VIP division in the colours of Littoral Airlines


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Pilot in flight

Littoral key figures...

  • Crew: 85 pilots
  • Activity: 112199 flights
  • Flying Time: 200632 hours
  • Covered distance: 69788074 Nm

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