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Welcome to the Flying club division !

avion-vfr-dr221bisThe company Flying Club (DACB) is based in MURET-LHERM airfield (LFBR, Southwest of France). Its objective is to promote network flights, through light aircrafts, with free choice for destinations. Different activities are proposed by the flying club, from free flights, group flights, flying school (through tutoring program) to virtual exam preparation by the Chief Pilot. The flying club also proposes some discovery flights, where conviviality and safety are the key words. It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or an experienced pilot, it will always be our pleasure to welcome you in our flying club.

Main activities

    • Free flights: The flying club is open 24/7. Every pilot is free to fly (VFR or IFR), at day or night, with the available aircrafts in the fleet.
    • Group flights: The flying club regularly proposes events, thus giving the opportunity to pilots to fly together during a stage or more, in different areas of the globe.

The way we work at the Flying Club is very typical to a real classical flying club: aerial journey, first flights, flying school, aerial acrobatics, aerial work. Everything is possible at the flying club, so book your airplane, and fly!

Upcoming activities

    • Gliding learning center

We hope to see you really soon flying under our colors!

The Flying Club administrator.

Welcome to the Freighter division !

b747_cargo_bis_miniUnder diversification of its activities, the Freighter Division (DCGO) was created in 2008.

Freighter division’s headquarter is located on the international airport of Montpellier-Méditerranée, in the south of France, where the headquarter of the real Air Littoral was. This airport was called in the past Montpellier-Fréjorgues, coming from the name of the locality of the town of Mauguio where it is built. The airport is located at 7 km form Montpellier downtown. This airport is also one of the ten more important airports in France, with 1.225 million passengers in 2009.

According to its name, the Freighter Division is specialized in logistics transport. Its organization allow it to operate anywhere in the world, with a suitable fleet, thus allowing to carry any kind of good to any kind of area. Freighter Division’s activities are of two kinds: special freighter events proposed by the staff, and regular flights from or to one of the nine hubs located in each continent.

Happy freighter flights!

The Freighter division administrator.

Welcome to the P.A.X. division !

The PAX division (DPAX) was created at the birth of Littoral Airlines back in 2002, and is now settled at Paris Orly airport. Before, the location of our division, was in Lille, which became a secondary hub and a strategic place, ideally located between Paris, London and Bruxelles. Short connection flights allow our passengers to use, via those three cities, bigger aircrafts that cannot utilize Lille airport.

Proposed flights are domestic flights, but also to other cities in Europe and other continents. We do our best to propose to our passengers destinations that suit their needs, while providing high level on board services.

Our fleet is at the cutting edge of the technology, and our maintenance teams are spread all over the world to offer an undisputed quality of service.

We wish you great flights with us, and “Let the dream become virtual”,

The P.A.X. division administrator.

falcon7x smallThe VIP (DVIP) division is based on Nice-Côte-d'Azur airport (LFMN) since May 20, 2019, the main hub,  where are stationed the medium-sized, BBJ and large carriers of the VIP fleet after having been located since 25th July 2008 at Cannes-Mandeleiu which is the second business airport in France, after Le Bourget (secondary hub of the DVIP).  So the DVIP also keep an antenna and hangars located on Cannes-Mandelieu airport (LFMD) . A helicopter is also permanently stationed there to ensure VIP air shuttles between Cannes and Nice on demand.

On July 1, 2019, the VIP division inaugurated 4 new hubs. Two in the USA and one in the United Arab Emirates and one at Singapore: Los Angeles (KLAX), the cradle of Hollywood cinema and home to all the stars of the world, Miami (KMIA) in the very attractive state of Florida. Dubai (OMDB) renowned for its luxury shopping, its artificial islands, its ultramodern architecture and its lively nightlife. In partnership with Emirates airline, the opening of a new office for helicopter flights over the city and for Dubai - Muscat (Sultanate of Oman) (OMAA) rotations have been announced. Singapore (WSSS), this Southeast Asian island-city-state is a concentrate of the Far East with its blend of Malay Chinese and Indian cultures. This country has become one of the most prosperous in the world with its garden city, its skyscrapers, its shops...and is as the crow flies 2 hours from Bali.

This operation is part of a development plan on which the division relies to defend a policy of international openness that has become essential. A development supported by strong demand from its middle- to high-end clientele, which includes, among others, regardless of wealth, emirs, diplomats, managers of multinational companies, artists of all stature, investment bankers, annuitants, lottery winners, top-level sportsmen and women and their buddies, etc....

New lines were therefore opened at the departure and arrival of these four new hubs and a connection was created with our Kansas City (KMCI) PAX Hub from Miami and Los Angeles.

The division offers a high end service to its most prestigious customers for specific event, such as Cannes Film Festival for example. A fleet of prestigious aircraft, from monoturbine to widebody (eg the TBM 850, Cessna C550 Citation II, Falcon 2000, Falcon 7X, EMB-145, Learjet 45, KingAir 350, BBJ B737-800 VIP, B777, B747 ACJ A319, A350...etc ...) as well as dedicated crews are available to meet their needs and carry them to wherever they wish.

The division operates based on several available 24H24 flights (with our without prior booking), but also may operates for some occasional events and flash flights. In these cases, all necessary information will be communicated to crews through a briefing.

The flash flights are based on the principle of 24H24 private service for a high-class VIP clentele. Business men and women, personalities from the world of culture, show business, cinema, top athletes, politicians and even miliardaires in viliégiature contact the company to organize for example a transfer to Dubai, trips during a music tour, the promotion of a film, a medical emergency, a business luncheon, trade fairs, seminars, parades and other manifestations of prestige... At Littoral we know the need for discretion and efficiency of our customers and our crews are trained to meet their expectations in the best conditions of satisfaction and comfort. It is nice to say that glory is not the key to happiness, however for the large majority of our customers celebrity does not bring only disappointments, on the contrary...

Nice flights to all!

The V.I.P. division administrator.

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  • Crew: 85 pilots
  • Activity: 112199 flights
  • Flying Time: 200632 hours
  • Covered distance: 69788074 Nm

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